Monday, February 18, 2013

Frank DeBaere

I would like to introduce Frank DeBaere. Mr. DeBaere is a resident of Belgium and an extremely intelligent individual. In our interview conducted between Frank, Tim Wood and Myself on February 15, 2013, we discuss the highly fragile nature of the global banking system. Specifically, Frank gives us a first-hand perspective on the european banking system that is as much of a Ponzi Scheme and house of cards as the rest of the global financial system. Stay tuned for more highly informative and thought-provoking interviews.

Click Here to Listen to Frank DeBaere, Tim Wood, and myself discuss the state of the markets


  1. Hi Frank,

    The ending diagonal (s&P) in your chart is not in progress. Where you labeld (5), I see it as (3). (4) is now correcting. The rest is ok. When (5)topped it also marked C (ABC from the 2009 low) and probably D wich is a part of a ABCDE triangle started 2000. Only a fine correction right now. Just my thoughts.

  2. It's Chris, and thank you for your comments.