Tuesday, October 8, 2013

An Elliott Wave Projection and Warning

In a previous post I updated my preferred Elliott Wave count for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Below please find an Elliott Wave Projection I have made. Upon completing this expanded flat correction for minor wave 4, we should move up one more time in minor wave 5, to complete intermediate wave (C), primary wave Y, and cycle wave b. Cycle wave c down will then ensue, and it is going to be a sight to behold. I am warning, when this market tops it's going to be a VIOLENT reversal. When cycle wave c down gains momentum, it is going to be absolute financial hell. I hope you are listening, and act now to get safe before it's too late. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are unsure of what to do.


  1. great job just love your post

  2. I favor this is an ending diagonal on SPX. This would mean we are now in the 5th wave of the ED,a nd since the 3rd wave cannot be shortest, the max is about 1750. Likely, DJTA will reach all time high, but not INDU. Difference with your count is mainly the implication that we at most have several weeks to the ultimate top, not months.

  3. Nice work it is a rare sight to behold that someone stick their neck on the line and say .....this is it! Micheal Jackson named his final tour that also and that did not end well either! I think you are on the money 90% ,but I think wave c will start this month and very little can be done to avert this misery! great work as always