Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Douglass Lodmell Interviews Robert Prechter

I would like to introduce Douglass Lodmell. Mr. Lodmell is an Asset Protection Attorney based out of Florida. His clientele include high net worth individuals who wish to protect their assets in the case of a lawsuit. However, with the precarious times we find ourselves in, Douglass Lodmell is worried not only about losing one's assets in a lawsuit, he is worried about those assets losing value. Accordingly, his number one goal is safety for his clients. Robert Prechter is the President and CEO of Elliott Wave International, a market forecasting firm based out of Gainesville, GA. Similar to Douglass Lodmell, Robert Prechter is advocating nothing but the safest instruments possible at this moment in time. Below is an interview that Douglass Lodmell recently did with Robert Prechter. It offers some very insightful information that one surely won't find in the mainstream media. For best viewing quality, scroll down to the lower right hand corner of the video and select "watch on youtube" and then select 720p and full screen.

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