Monday, October 31, 2011

Tim Wood

I would like to introduce Tim Wood. Mr. Wood is owner and operator of He conducts market analysis using Dow Theory and cycles. Tim has an excellent track record with calling major tops, most notably 2000 and 2007. He was warning people in 2006/2007 that this was not a new secular Bull Market and the 4-year cycle (a common cycle found in the stock market) was being stretched. This proved to be correct as the market had its most devastating decline since the 1929-1932 Collapse. Recently, a "Dow Theory Sell Signal" was triggered but Tim was warning not to be fooled as not all Dow Theory Signals are the beginning of a major move in equity prices. He has identified DNA markers that have been seen at every major top since 1896, which did not occur in conjunction with the May 2 top. I would say Tim Wood has been proven correct once again in recent weeks, as the market has has had quite rally. It is this next top that Mr. Wood thinks will be the real deal. I agree. Whether or not the market makes it back to 1370 on the S&P 500 is immaterial. The bottom line is that there is a major top coming in the market, that will serve to fool both Bulls and Bears. The Bulls will be claiming victory if the market rallies much further while the Bears will have given up. This is what the market does. It fools the greatest number of participants possible. I agree with Mr. Wood that it will be this next top in the market that will mark THE top of the entire bear market rally from March 2009. When the bear market really gets underway I also think it will make 2008 look like a sunday school picnic. Tim Wood was warning in 2007, and he is warning again. So am I. The return of the bear market is out there, and its not going to be pretty.

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