Thursday, February 9, 2012

Risk and Return way out of balance....

In modern Finance, one is supposed to be compensated for risk. The higher risk one takes, the higher return should be generated...this has been historically true, but certainly not today with one investment. That is the investment of loaning the bank your money. Interest Rates are near zero, and the risk of loaning the bank your money is IMMENSE. Interest rates would have to be much, much higher to justify the current level of risk in the system. One might say, "But I don't loan the bank my money, I deposit it." But that assumption is false. Whenever anyone makes a deposit at the bank, because of our debt-money system, it is a loan which the bank in turn leverages hundreds of times over and lends out, or, in recent history, gambling it and additional free money from the FED in derivatives markets. Despite what all the pundits and "financial gurus" say, the banks are NOT a safe place to keep your money, and the FDIC will NOT be able to handle the coming system-wide banking collapse.The FDIC can handle so many banks at once, but certainly not the whole system at once...and to that point the collapse of the global banking system should be quite swift. As the onset of the depression draws near, people need to act now. DO NOT listen to the Media, telling you this is a "recovery". It is not. It was a temporary respite from an ongoing depression, and a depression that is about to make itself known in a big way. As soon the the bear market rally in risk assets ends, the real collapse starts. That is why people have to take action  NOW. This does NOT MEAN keeping your money in Gold and Silver as "safe havens", they are risk assets as well and will be sold to generate cash to pay off the massive amount of debt worldwide. The Dollar will rally as the global banking system collapses. This means either opening a Swiss Bank Account for those with large sums of money, or, for most, opening up an account with and buying short-term t-bills only, as well as keeping physical greenback cash on hand. This is one of the last chances to preserve capital...time is running out fast.

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